I had every intention of writing something yesterday, but I got so down on my whole i don’t know what i want to be when i grow up, much less where i want to live that I decided enough of that! And ended up playing super violent video games and watching what could potentially be the best worst movie I have ever seen. Yes, the 1979 classic ‘Roller Boogie’ with as many shiny colored spandex pants as I’ve ever seen in one place. She was a rich girl with terrible hair and fashion sense who just wanted to be held. He was a poor boy in tiny red shorts who just wanted to compete as an olympic rollerskater.  I was not aware there was a rollerskating category in the olympics…At any rate between that and filling my workday with severly cute music by severly cute bands I would love to have tea parties with, I am in a much less wah is me sort of place. (Oh Wah, I have so many options and opportunities that can only benefit and enhance my existence and I don’t know what to have an insane amount of fun with first..meh..).

At any rate, there I was pondering on why I put so much empahsis on this absurd level of head talk I have going on, all the time and something very suddenly occured to me. What did I intend would be the major factors in my theme of settling this year? I think it was a south facing window seat, a garden and a piano if I remember correctly from 2 days ago. Well, ahem. It seems the universe delivers even when we’re not looking. Because here I am, in the winterland hinterland of northern ontario in a house. Which has a south facing window seat. It doesn’t always look like this, I actually arranged the comfy pillows and removed the bins for growing lettuce in. Large enough for 2 cats and a human certainly.  There is also, believe it or not, a huge garden under all this snow. Which will go away sometime in april. Or may.  The snow, not the garden.

And finally there is a piano. A hopelessly out of tune piano, but a piano nevertheless. It’s true, I did specifically ask for an actual not electric piano. It’s also true I never specified whether I wanted aforementioned piano to be in tune. So once again, you got me, you dastardly universe, what with your insanely comical way of giving people exactly what they ask for.

Did I mention that I didn’t necessarily want to settle in northern Ontario? Even if I could deal with the -25 average temperature in the winter, the 30 degree heat in the summer,  the bugs who take chunks of your skin when they bite and the non-existent cultural aspect (the shania twain center does NOT count as culture). Even if I could deal with all that (which I obviously can’t because I am a sissy) I would miss the mountains and the sea far too much. I will never be able to live anywhere for too long without that. I grew up on an island in the pacific, surrounded by ocean with mountains never far away. In the midst of the kootenays, surrounded by mountains, I’ve found as close to home as I’ve ever felt, without there being an ocean nearby. It’s still only an 8 hour drive though.

But ok, I’ll try to be more careful in the future about what I wish for, because apparently I’ll already have it. But maybe just in those moments when I need a good baby shaking. Which is obviously a bad thing to do to a baby (wanton disclaimer!!!) but sometimes adults need that kind of thing. Or just a solid bitchslap from a place of love.

In that regard, thanks universe! Irony and me, kickin it in northern ontario…And now I’m off to see Sherlock Holmes because he rocks, Robert Downey Jr. rocks, Guy Ritchie rocks, Jude Law is alright, I guess..so it can only be good. And when good movies come here, you see them as soon as possible, because next week, they will be gone. It seems to be a guarantee that if a movie is terrible, it will stay forever. Case in point. Batman? 2 weeks. Beverly hills chihuahua? 2 freaking months! What the f-?????

Yay for culture. Gonna get me some.