What can I say about love that’s not been said?
And why do I need there to be something new?

There is nothing new under the sun,
whether it be bumblebee, mustard, or some unabashed shade of lemon,
A shade which, I should point out, did not exist so much as was manufactured.

It may be true, as much as anything is.
When life gives you lemons, it’s because someone somewhere had
the presence of mind
to combine
a citrus with a bitter orange,
perhaps to even out it’s temperament
and make way for the possibility of life to give lemons
where before it could not.

Granted, citrus plants have been around for about 7 million years,
originating from the base of the Himalayas.
A sweet treat to swath the feet, as it were.
Which might be where love began as well,
There’s no real way to know.

Love is sweet
and love is sour
love is bees
awash in flower
And thus, so stirred
To pass along the word
of love.
Simplest ingredients create the bread
In flamed becomes as toast, we spread
The sweetest kisses,
A honey’d bed
Is laid
Between our lips is fed
From hive to heart
With no conceit
From crest of head
To mountain’s feet
Encompassed by emotion’s heat
For love is sour
Love is sweet.