Light has many skills beyond simultaneously being a wave and a particle. It bends, it refracts, it carries echoes of stars through time so that we know their legacy is one of brightness.

It always seems to find me when I’m sinking, trying so hard to be still and quiet and hope that something shows up which will allow me to climb out.

That’s not to say that there isn’t merit in the deep dive down to the dark places, that I shouldn’t wonder about the shadow nature just as readily as I embrace the barefoot light goddess tendencies I seem to embody.

There is no colour here and there is all the colour here, we blur in shades, hues, and tones to suit the mood.

We crawl through cycles, mused by moonlight curtained by dusk and dawn like pillars to either side.
The mysteries sought in the between allow for a re-reckoning of what is actually worth being afraid of.

The way out can feel just as easily like the way in, depending on the direction of focus.



Photos by Andrea de Santis on Unsplash