You’re on your way to me
I can feel you coming on the wind,
this gentle push of whisper before breeze
carrying a hint of your warmth.
I’ve waited for you,
mostly patiently,
Though there are the what if days of doubt
That come around more often than I’d like to admit.
What if I’ve missed you?
Or you already came and I dismissed you,
didn’t recognize the voice I was sure
I’d know better than my own.
I feel you in the way
I desire every poem to have closure,
to find a finish
A satisfied resolution both in words
And in tone.
I feel you in the way the water moves
below the surface
When I swirl my fingers just so,
and you’re in the eddies of my heart as well.
When I’m doing nothing at all and my heart skips a beat,
I know it was looking for you.
You get caught in my throat,
in the strands of my hair,
I feel your fingers in the sunshine sliding across my shoulder blades,
how it curls under that bone
As if to remind me that I once had wings.
As if to remind me that I can fly again, any time I choose.
I only have to remember how to jump.