I have to rave a bit about this place I’m staying tonight. It’s called Melrost B&B like I mentioned before and they are just awesome! It’s by now common knowledge that the redirect gods got ahold of my stuff and spent the day hoarding it in Toronto. I imagine this happens to travelers at least once in their adventures and boy am I grateful that I got off as easy as I did (knock on wood as I don’t actually have my bag in my possession yet). It could have happened next year when Janice and Jimmy and Hanah and I go to Bali, stop by to visit Nikki’s folks in Australia on our way to New Zealand and Tasmania..(hint, hint?) and the bag could be on it’s way to Minsk while I fret over the potential loneliness it feels. Although it could be argued there’s no way that could happen because I’ll likely play the carry-on game from here on out. Here on in? Whatever.

I’m always a little hesitant with recommendations that come from tourism affiliated businesses. Who’s to say how reputable it ever is? It could be a second cousin and it’s just a way to lure in unsuspecting, non-native languange speaking noobs like me who just wants  a sane place to lay her head while waiting for a backpack full of practical things like hula fire spokes, legwarmers and knee high socks. (To be fair, it was late, I was excited, I needed sleep but didn’t get any, I baked a cake to send to England, I spent hours backing up all of my music and writings just in case I lose my laptop or the harddrive filled with music that I brought with me and I was going on the fact that you just never ever know. Bikini top, short skirt, legwarmers, bare feet, I honestly can’t imagine many sexier things than that. ) But fortune smiled like a Costa Rican (they seem to do that a lot and it feels genuine, unlike the Danes. They smile, but it’s sometimes hard to tell if they actually like you or they’re laughing at you to your face. It’s rather endearing in some strange way though. I like the Danes.)  upon me and brought me here, where they showed me to a little room (the only one left for the night) let me know if I needed anything I should call, asked what time I wanted breakfast brought to my room, let me know where I could buy a change of clothes, offered to drive me the block and a half if I wasn’t into it, parked my rental in a secure locked up garage, drove me to a great restaurant where I sat at the furthest table from the kitchen and then felt like a jerk when I realized my super attentive waitress was waaay pregnant but so accomodating, and came and picked me up after. I’ll have to come back to Alajuela to pick up my sis next week when she lands around 9 am tuesday and since I’ll be coming back from Nosara monday night, I already know where I’m going to stay. I’m sure there are cheaper places to crash, but I don’t know about better. These guys are soooooo awesome! They even got on the phone to try and communicate with the sorry-we-lost-your-bag people because I couldn’t understand the message (being that it was in spanish and I am a freakish neophyte in that realm).

As far as Nosara goes, I’ve been checkin it out a lot, as I’m pretty sure I want to spend the bulk of my time there. I had found someone on couchsurfing who lived there, was extraordinarily charismatic and seemed to be a whole lot of fun! How ideal to have a potential couch or even just a hookup for the very area I wanted to be in! Sadly, she moved back to the states literally 3 days before I wrote to her. But write I did and she came back with mucho suggestions for where I should stay, who I should speak with about surf lessons, who to seek out for rainforest tours, which bar has free tequila for women thursdays, even a blog of events happening within the community! A wealth. Seriously.

Since I wasn’t sure how quickly I could find a place, I contacted her friend who runs a B&B over there, the day (literally!) before I was due to fly to Costa Rica, telling her that she had come highly recommended. Her response? I’ll be away for the day, but if you reach Nosara before I’m back, I’ll leave the key in the door of one of the suites for you, let yourself in.

Does that happen anymore?

She knows me from no one! And yet, extends this hospitality (which I was sadly unable to take advantage of because of my scenario) on such short notice that it would not have seemed anywhere near untoward if she had pointed and laughed uproariously. Ok, maybe that would be a little untoward, but not by much.

As well, the guy that I’ve contacted about surf lessons (the only tican run surf shop/school out of 11 in the area) also rents houses and has every confidence that I won’t need to find a place to stay while I search. WoW!

Oh, and Costa Ricans are fearless, if the way they drive is any indication, especially motorcycle drivers. I think of myself as a pretty awesome, assertive (not aggressive) driver, but I’m thinking after driving around here for a month, I’ll have the confidence to enter a nas car rally and giggle the whole time.

Speaking of giggling, you know when you’re so tired that everything is hilarious? I’m beyond that. And so I shall say Buenas noches darlings.

Sueno bien…I think that means dream well..and so I shall…