Okeee, so a week detoxing in Spain (which was more than fabulous and I will definitely be devoting some ramblance to that endeavor soon) followed by a month in Paris, in which I will attempt to continue my mode of healthy lifestyle and aiming for wheat, dairy and soy free mostly vegan diet. How does she dare such a thing in Paris? She must be insane! But no. Well yes, but also no.  I have already found the ultimate site to help me with all of my shopping and dining out needs! All that time I’ve been saved! Thanks interweb!

Although, it remains to be seen how easily I resist the smell of crepes and nutella on my way to the health food store to stock up on yummy sprouts and lentils..or the smell of frites…pain au chocolat…falafels!!! Oh I’ve been craving falafels! Ask anyone I was in Spain with. I’m sure I drove some folks crazy yakkin about falafels with hummous and avocado and lettuce and…mmmm….yes….but no. Not yet. I’m still in breaking fast mode and the last thing I want to do is jump right into eating as though I haven’t been (yearning for falafels) furiously cleansing myself, inside and out.

I have missed Paris and I’m glad to be back. For tonight the city of light will have to careen off into the dawn without me. I am exhausted and adjusting to allowing food back into my system again. Tho, I did find a cafe open at midnight that would serve me green beans and mushrooms that weren’t caked in parmesan, with a mango/strawberry smoothie. He originally brought me a glass of wine, and when I insisted I didn’t want it, we agreed that it was strange, and if only my french was  a little more coherent, he would have got the order right.  And so now I drift, slightly smaller tummy full of veggies and fruit and happy to be settled into bed, the city buzzing her chanson de samedi outside my window.

A demain.