A gentle reminder;

That I am not my thoughts,
that I am not my past or the result of anyone else’s expectations.
That I am allowed to express love in a way which feels aligned with my comfort,
and that it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s version.
That my artistic expression does not have to align with palatable, relatable, reasonable  or sensible.

I am reminded that no paths are straight and sometimes not even following what one might perceive as forward.
There is nowhere I am supposed to be by now.
There is always hope.
There is no shame in liking things I like even if no one else does.
I am not living anyone’s life but my own.
I am walking no one’s path but my own, even as I appreciate the views from other perspectives, even as I acknowledge and respect the trails that others have blazed.

It’s okay to be quiet.
It’s okay to seek silence.
It’s okay to miss my mom and be sad about something forever.
It’s okay to be changed by that,
to need a new wardrobe because nothing fits the new shape,
to need new words to encompass how it feels even if those words feel too small.
It’s okay for the words to feel too small.
It’s okay to come to grief with resistance.
It’s okay to struggle.
It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to have no clue how to ask
or what might help
or to need some time to work out how and where the help needs to show up.

I don’t know everything.
I’ll never know everything.
I’ll never be finished but at some point I’ll be done.
It’s good to rest.
It’s good to actively advocate for myself, to myself.
It’s good to nap in a sunbeam when the opportunity presents itself.

I cannot do everything but that doesn’t mean I should do nothing.
Balance is important.
Laugh when it’s funny.
Don’t laugh when it’s not.
Acknowledge discomfort.
My voice is valid.
My voice has merit.
My art is necessary.
My heart beats.
I am alive, not just living.
I am more than the sum of my parts.
I am the whole equation, even when I feel like a fraction.
I am stardust.
I am an atomic organic animal, comprised of worlds unseen.

There are lessons everywhere.
I am still learning.
I am good, and also better.

Don’t stop dancing.
Movement is key, direction is subjective.
Don’t forget to breathe.