I dreamed of Hawthorn trees creeping along the coast,
a small town where there was a factory which generated the smell of the sea
to make mermaids feel at home
much the way the ice cream parlor in the town where I grew up
generated the scent of waffle cones
to draw you in.
They did have actual waffle cones
This village did have an actual sea.

I don’t understand why marketing is so important.

If I want it, I’ll find it
If I didn’t know I wanted it
why the insistence that I should?

There was two of everything in this town,
as though the first wasn’t quite enough,
we had to make a duplicate
even though it knew it was a duplicate
and therefore not first choice,
which created unnecessary sadness.

I don’t understand why excess is so important.

If the thing exists,
let it be,
why create a scenario where there needs to be more of the same?

Sometimes dreams are weird
and sometimes they are true
and sometimes they are both
and sometimes they are neither.
But I very much miss the sea.