Seeing a show, having one’s world rocked by an excellent musical act is nothing short of bliss a whole lot of the time.

Seeing a friend play live music that rocks one’s world is nothing short of heaven every time.

Seeing a friend play an amazing live show and hear him halfway through, announce that one of his best friends from the western side of the world is there and this song he’s about to play is for her, and then proceeds to play Everybody’s Talkin by Harry Nilsson (one of her favorite songs!)  goes beyond bliss, heaven and into a place where one could easily cry from appreciation if she wasn’t surrounded by a crowd of people. That delightful place of warmth and happiness…which is probably where warm fuzzies live. In very soft looking pink houses. With those bushy flowery fragrant trees whose petals rain down like whispers and never turn brown once they’ve fallen.  And they have sushi as often as they want. And treacle. And they can eat as much tiramisu as they like without worrying about what the dairy’s going to do to them later. It’s a nice place.

It is most assuredly worth, blogging about.

And so I shall darlings, so I shall. Later this morning, on the train to see aforementioned most awesome friend on the planet play a show outside of Paris for kids.  The reason why? Because if you’ll notice I said later this morning, that must mean it’s after 4 (technically morning if you’ve been paying attention) and while I had a fabulous night of music and feelin love  and drinks and 230 am pasta madness, it is time to go to bed and see if my dreams can compare with reality.

I bought wheat free hazelnut bread today! It was yummy!

I bought paella. Thankyou Perellos. I am ruined for all other paella.

And the lifespan of the butterfly is precisely the right length.