I’m good at this
This making it seem I’m present.
Though not aware
It seems I care
My demeanour is quite pleasant

I’m on the verge
As I submerge
Of losing the plot completely
My eyes are glazed
You seem unfazed
And smile at me so sweetly

I’d love to say
Please go away
Your tales do not amuse
You lack perspective
Your main objective
Is mainly to abuse

How often we
To some degree
Are not paying much attention
Paying lip service
As we’re too nervous
To offer up dissension

Insipid, trite
It’s just not right
Vapidity, emphasized
Give us fluff
No heavy stuff
Desiring depth is minimized

Out of bed
These walking dead
Floundering in a haze
Perhaps they keep
Their selves asleep
To dream of better days