Taught to consider that monsters hide here
Taught not to engage, that I’d only find fear
In shadow lay creatures repulsive, corrupted
Often wearing disguises appearing seductive.

“Come over to our side, the power’s impressive!
There are cookies and policies fairly progressive.
Don’t worry too much about the tales of brutality,
Even good guys can have a warped sense of morality.”

Raised religious, the stories emphasized how it’s right
“Be like Carol Anne and go t’ward the light!”
Stay on the good side of your chosen deity
Be humble and always show them your fealty.
But how boring a movie without adversary
To spice up the plot, as is customary
And challenge our hero to prove that he’s strong
(Though we suspected he’d win the day all along).

Except consider a moment, those creatures of night
Those magical beings who shy from the light
Who’s to say they don’t have a valid perspective
That’s the thing with opinions, they’re mostly subjective.
We can only gauge truth from that which we know
If one only seeks light, there is no chance to grow
There is space to have both, and it should be required
That balance is something more often desired
Light is crucial but how much brighter the spark
When perfectly juxtaposed with the Dark.