Often. And so it would seem that the intrepid explorer might miss out on Iceland this time around. I’ve looked at flights(expensive)buses and trains(nonexistent) and the ferry(not running this year, apparently). Ok, so this is a bit sad. I really want to see Iceland and if there were some feasible way to hitchhike there, I think it would be possible. As it is, I have found a fairly cheap flight to Ireland, if I leave here on tuesday. Which means I have to find another place to stay and pronto, because the superawesome guy who’s been hosting me here is going to the UK this weekend. Also, a certain friend who I thought I would be travelling to Iceland with, has left today to go to work, so once again, I am a solo traveller.

At this point, reeeeeally tempted to jump on the train out of town and head to the highway, stick out my thumb and allow the flow to take me where it will. Perhaps Italy, not sure, feeling a little floundery at this point. Kinda lost. For more than just the obvious reasons.

But København! It’s pretty, it’s warm, everyone is very friendly, and there are parks everywhere that are huge and awesome.

The ParkThere are also buildings everywhere that are huge and covered in advertisments. I think this is the palace. Not sure.

PalaceThis fountain was in the centre square and it appears to be a bull taking down a dragon while small rhinoceri with wings spit water on them. Crazy fountainEven the birds are friendly and did not poo on this man’s hand while they ate from it. He seemed very happy that I was interested in taking his picture.

Friendly birds40 Kroner for a hulahoop???? Actually, that’s the equivalent of just under 6 euros. But still for one of these hulahoops? It makes me feel sorry for kids that such awful hulahoops are made for them. Does anyone ever see kids using these for anything other than bending within seconds of recieving one? I’m thinking hulahoops for kids might be a viable commerce idea. HulahopringThis guy reminds me so much of the Claw it made me a little sad. I do miss him so. He was soo drunk and teetery and the vendors were all convinced he was going to fall into their displays. But he maintained, stumbling along, singing Stop in the name of love, just that line of it, over and over again,  toes pokin through the holes in his socks. Yes, people visit Denmark and take pictures of the little mermaid, the parks, Tivoli and fountains. For me, it’s drunks and hulahoops. Danish Claw

But of course, I have seen the little mermaid, wandered past Tivoli, and visited Christiania with this really cool dude I met while eating lunch. He was kind enough wander the city with me and show me stuff, tell me about history and buildings and point out really good restaurants.  But enough worrying for now, I’ve wasted a beautiful morning and half an afternoon indoors surfing flights, trains, buses and hitchwiki looking for an indication of where I’m supposed to be. I am curious to see what happens tonight since it is friday and I’m thinking it might be kind of insane somewhere. I hope it might be kind of insane somewhere. I could sure use some to balance me.

More to come when I’m less distracted.

Oh! And random american traveller in Amsterdam told me I reminded him of a character from this tv show he was pretty sure I’d never heard of called Firefly, and the character in question was this mechanic girl named Kaylee, and if I ever get a chance I should watch the show. Ha!