Tenebrous the attack unexpected from the side
Response a flash of anger, intention to deride
When faced with pain, sarcasm flows, like lava made of snide
Upon reflection, heat fades quick, I find I must abide

Perspective is a bitch, I’ve found, at the best of times
It’s difficult to recognize familiar paradigms
When caught up in the crossfire of divided hearts and minds
A battle where casualties are sense, reason and rhymes

Chapters close and stories end, of this there’s no dispute
Ideas born of dreams surreal have hard times taking root
One wouldn’t take a chance if the payoff didn’t suit
And if love is unrequited, then future hopes are moot

Goodnight, goodbye, and one last kiss
When pain is past, I’ll reminisce
A depth to rival an abyss
Not every day, to find love like this.