Ok, so I put about as much stock into horoscopes as the next dreamy romantic frivolous hulaloopy mystical witchy type barefoot freaky girly girl, which is to say, any time it suits me to do so…I find the daily in the newspaper blurby action to be generic, boring and way too vague to even comprehend, much less attribute any form of truth to. Plus there is the notion that there are people who share the same birthday as me that I don’t feel as though I ressemble in any way. Ok, we were born at different times, in different places, under different circumstances but reallly…And yes, there are certain characteristics of being my particular astrological sign that I find reflects well and accurately on myself, but wouldn’t I feel the same way if I was born under a different sign? Would I find that hmm, I do feel a certain affinity towards the color my sign is most prone to liking/wearing/seeking out at a fruit stand…but really, who knows. This is who I am, this is when I was born, this is the personality I’ve carved for myself out of the marble block of my existence. Unless one believes in the school of thought that the form was already there and I am in the act of stripping away all the parts that don’t belong in order to have a perfect finished product…

At any rate, there are a few websites I keep tabs on, people who interest me that I know, or don’t know, this part is immaterial. The meaningful part is the one where I feel a certain affinity for what this person has to express. Sometimes I’ll not visit their site for a time because of some ounce of jealousy that they are more insightful than I am. Why didn’t I come up with that? Why can’t I live my life so freely? Why can’t I look as good in the color pink? It’s a silly place I know. It’s the same reason I get depressed when I read books by Neil Gaiman, Steven Erikson, Neal Stephenson. They are so good that I upset that I don’t write that well. I’ll read it, thinking the whole time, godDAMN! I wish I had ideas that flourish and take shape and become as solid and real as these do. Perhaps one day I will, I haven’t discounted the notion by a long shot.

I’m getting far far away from where I started though. It started with one of these sites. I haven’t visited for a time because, irrationally, I was kind of mad at her for being so cool, and not being my friend. Though I’ve never made an effort to visit or contact or anything like that, so how would she know I exist? Well, yeah, she wouldn’t. And that’s okay! She reminds me a little of Sark. Sark is fun and colorful and always seems to know just what to say in an innovative and entertaining way. I thought for sure, I wanna be just like Sark when I grow up. But then I wouldn’t be Trish. And that’s just as important.

I do spend a lot of time digressing, yes? If only I could blahg as quickly and as coherently as my devilishly mad mind could wander through it’s nonsensically logical paths, what a place this would be…The point? Horoscopes. The horoscope in particular? The yearly outlet for Aries (c’est moi, évidemment). The site I found it, and loove to visit because I find the content delightful, the sentiment inspirational and the scribe to be kindred until I take a break because I become sad that I do not more emulate the way she balances chic stylishness and eccentric flair with ease? Icing by one Gala Darling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want to be like her, but I sometimes find my own lack of fashion sense to be frustrating at times, regardless of the fact that I have been assured that my utter fashion senselessness has a kind of  charm to it. I have a certain admiration for things that are well put together, be they stories, puzzles or ensembles…

The horoscope in question I found on her site from one Mystic Medusa perhaps I found to be pertinent because of how I had already kind of imagined my year would play out to a certain extent.

But let me show.. I don’t actually know if I’m allowed to do this, but…

Aries 2010

Style: Always the Alpha-Girl, you’re about to reinvent yourself yet again. An innovative new era starts in June. For the first time in 80 years, rad planet Uranus will be in Aries. Let your look lead the way via a make-over. Scheme for a mid-year relaunch: Honed bod from mega-fitness, scarlet, diamonds, tan, clean, eco, sporty & a sci-fi style scent concocted with ground-breaking technology. Nothing naff, chintzy nor old-school and the same with accessories.

Ok, so I’m obviously not great with style makeover talk. It scares me a little. But the fact that she suggests it won’t happen until June makes a certain amount of sense. This is why. I’m working on a farm in northern ontario until mid may. I’ll head to the kootenays where all the stuff I didn’t ditch before travelling was stored. I’ll pack that stuff and head to Vancouver, where I’ll be moving back into my apartment. The things I got rid of before I left most easily? My clothes. Of course, there’s no point in owning and wearing anything too fancy or stylish while working on a farm, so I had imagined that there would be a certain amount of acquiring of new(ish, I love me the vintagey thrift store scene) clothes. Perhaps a style makeover is in order…but that’s not for a while yet, so we’ll see.

And so to..

Happiness: June to September sees you blissing out with Jupiter, the luckiest planet of all. Anticipate peak experiences as you assert yourself more stylishly. You’re soul-mining until March 11, as Mars Retrograde hypes spiritual life. Yoga, retreats & spa hols do brilliant work. Your professional life needs to be approached as a non-stop transformational junket. You’re incapable of stagnation there and things screw up fast if you try to go it in slo-mo.

Okay, so again, I’ll be back in the city, looking for something new as of June. Soundwave starts up right around then and there’s all the bliss and joy that goes with that. Soul mining until march 11. As far as it goes, the main occupations of my brain other than day to day work are self reflection, introspection, future projection, etc…So the soul mining comment makes sense. Plus, for some of that time I’ll be with my sis in Costa Rica, where I’ll have the leisure to relax on the beach and think about, well, self reflection, introspection, future projection, etc…And since a major part of choosing Costa Rica is due to exploration of yoga retreats, spas etc, it seems as though her suggestion that yoga, retreats and spa holidays could be a good one…Plus, since I will have no job once I leave here, no real desire to back and fix boats full time for the bourgeoisie, no ambition to be a lighting director, or electrician, I’ll be rethinking my professional options. Who knows what careening career path I’ll take next. I’ll let things unfold as they will, excitably, unpredictibly, inevitably.

Love: After April, you’re compelled to set better relationship boundaries. An uncertain phase lingering since October 2009 ends in July and serious deepening of commitments is on your agenda: Marriage, children, a business together or a casual flirtation ramping up into more passionate scenarios. However, you’re not in the mood for immature game-playing. If necessary, you’ll ditch scrappy love affairs and set off to seek something more sophisticated.

I spent some time hanging out with someone last year that kind of convinced me I might be in a bit of a headspace that seemed to focus on old habits. At least when it comes to being attracted to good people who are not great for me. Does that make sense? As a person, as someone to spend time with, as someone to be enamoured of, it’s fun, it’s charming, it’s invigorating. But it’s not necessarily healthy. I have a habit of being attracted to broken things. Sometimes just slightly, sometimes irreparably. I think it’s common, it keeps one from having to examine one’s own flaws to closely if there is someone else’s to concentrate on. Especially if it is someone you care about. Why wouldn’t you want to help someone you love grow and evolve, regardless of how it might hinder one’s own forward movement. Not that I ever notice at the time, so wrapped up in the moment, in being around someone whose company I enjoy. But there are signs, there are red flags, eventually the bliss fades and gives way to a cool reality where it becomes apparent that the gold covering everything is just paint. The only time I can think of where the paint peeled, I saw how it really was and still was completely enamoured? Paris. Which is why I’ll go back and live there someday, because I can live with her flaws and she doesn’t mind mine. But people are a little tougher.

Since it is suggested that this pattern (of me blaming myself for having the same relationship over and over again!) that I became aware of in October will end in July, i can only imagine that means that I will be lusciously distracted when soundwave comes to town. This will be my 10th soundwave. I have yet to have even one blissful soundwave distraction. Perhaps this is the year. I’ll do my best to have no expectations of this, as it’s sure to lead to disappointment. Her suggestion that I will feel compelled to ditch casual, immature game playing and seek something more sophisticated in my mind can only mean that I’ll finally be heading to Buenos Aires next winter. Perhaps back to Paris soon after.

Buenos Aires comes up frequently in my mind. I want to travel many places, I dream of it, but there are some places that are certainties, in my mind. Buenos Aires is one of these. In fact, one of the deciding factors for the move back to Vancouver has everything to do with tango. As fun as it was to take tango lessons in almost every country I visited in Europe last year, it will be nice to be in one place for a time so I can take advantage of a tango community, as well as lessons from one teacher. Having different teachers is good in some ways, but sometimes the different styles clash a little too much.

So this seems to be one of those times when I’ll take my horoscope as having some bearing on how my year might play out. Yes, I’m sure I could have found corresponding factors if she had written something different. But she wrote this. It remains to be seen whether how I interpreted my year will look anything like how Chaka Kahn, Colin Powell, Chuck Norris, Gloria Steinem, Kofi Annan and Nikita Khrushchev interpret theirs. Being that they’re born under the same sign as me.  Ravi Shankar, Billie Holiday, Jackie Chan, Francis Ford Coppola and Russell Crowe on the same day.

Expecting that people who were born on the same day as me would act anything like me is folly. Even if we were raised in the same country, town, age by the same parents, teachers, friends, we would still be different. That is human nature. It could be argued that synchronicity is sought out coincidence. I think that Jung argued that synchronicity can only be meaningful subjectively. So really, in my little sphere of things, it doesn’t matter how that horoscope affects those other people born on my birthday. I don’t need the stars to line up for them in order to justify whether or not I’m going to let them align for me, if in fact that’s what they do. Plus, whether they do or not, I’ll still be here, doing my thing.

I’m okay with that.