“Oh my god that was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that much pleasure before.”

Tommy’s head tilted back, her eyes closing as her body relaxed. Kirk gave her a look.

“Not from food, anyhow.” She finished with a laugh as she slid her hand along his leg, then sat upright. “However, if anyone else is as full as I am, and judging by the contented expressions that’s the case, I’m not sure we’re up for any exploration tonight. Have we considered where we’re going to stay?”

Her gaze turned toward Nathan, as it was his impetus which had brought them here. Kirk chimed in.
“She has a point, Nathan. Are we close enough to the site that we can get there and get comfortably set up tonight? How long has it been since it was inhabited? There must be a caretaker or something.”

Herb’s ears prickled and a familiar ghost of fear skimmed his arms with gooseflesh.

“What site are you talking about? There’s a small motel about 15 miles down the road towards town. Jeff doesn’t do much business this time of year, same as me, so I’m sure he’d have a vacancy or six.”

“Thanks for the suggestion, Herb, but Nathan knows of a settlement on a lake which was given up on a few years back. People built houses and everything, but it must have proved to be a bad investment or something. You must know about it. How long have you been here? I would imagine the town was pretty disappointed to lose the business.”

“Not all business is good business, Kirk. Oftentimes the reason why people choose to live as country bumpkins..” he gave Nathan a wink. “..is to be away from the complications of the city and what some insist civilization should look like. Then there are those who insist that every square inch of the planet should be exploited for profit, and don’t care much if anyone gets hurt in the process. The people who decided to build the place I think you might be talking about were those sorts of people, and it really didn’t work out in their favour. If I were you, I’d forget all about it. There is nothing out there worth finding.”

The sudden edge in Herb’s tone caught them all off guard, himself included. He busied himself with gathering empty plates and tableware. “If you want I can give you directions to Jeff’s pl-”

“Have you been out there?” Nathan’s question froze him in the act of reaching for Cassandra’s plate so he was close enough that she glimpsed the sudden tremor in his hand. As though he wanted to wring Nathan’s neck. Cassandra felt a certain sympathy with that. She and Casey had been friends with Nathan since they were all kids, but in the last couple of years he’d started to become more broody than he used to be, often using his wit as a weapon as though edgy was synonymous with cruel. She had agreed to come along on the trip as a way of rekindling their friendship of old.
Herb added the plate to the stack and shook his head. “Not for a long, long time. Some places are better left alone. Besides, it’s so removed that if something did happen to you out there, no one would get there in time to help.”

Tommy frowned at Nathan. “Have you been out there, Nathan? How did you hear about this place anyhow?” Her hand dropped from Kirk’s shoulder as he stood up, and headed toward the bathroom at the far end of the cafe. “I was under the impression it was some kind of fancy camp, from what Cassie told me when she first brought it up.” Cassandra nodded.
“What I told you is how it was described to me. A fancy summer camp on the edge of a lake which was part of a development that lost all it’s funding for some reason, and so it was never finished. But enough of the cabins are intact and outfitted that more adventurous people still go out there to use them on a regular basis. That’s what Casey told me.” Casey looked awkwardly at Nathan, who studiously looked at his phone.

“Oh my god. Are you serious right now?” Tommy looked between the two of them. “Did you guys lie to get us to go along with one of your stupid ‘dead places of North America’ tours? Do you think I wanted my first adventure with Kirk to be the plot of a goddamn found footage movie? I can’t with you two right now. You-” She pointed between the two men sitting at the table. “-sort out where we’re going to stay tonight and we’ll discuss if we’re going to continue on or head back tomorrow. I’m going to explain to Kirk that my friends are dorky ghost hunters who are also manipulative dicks, not you of course, Cassie, and hope that I can find some way to convince him this wasn’t a waste of time.”

She stood up from the table, more or less accidentally kicking Casey in the shin as she passed. He winced and she glared, before heading in the direction Kirk had gone.
She reached the door of the bathroom just as it opened, the surprise on Kirk’s face fading as she pushed him back inside. It was a simple design, a sink and countertop with a mirror, a toilet in a stall with a small window above. She took it all in within seconds, nodding her satisfaction.

“This will do.”
He tilted his head, a quizzical smile on his face.

“Do for…” she nodded and his smile broadened.
“Really?” She nodded again.
“Very well. Your move.”

She reached for him with a grin, pulling him tight against the length of her body, her lips following the line of his neck to his ear. Her tongue lashed his lobe and he shivered, letting out a soft laugh.
“Do you think this is a good idea? Here?”
“I do enough thinking at school, sometimes I just want to feel something.” Her hand skimmed the length of his torso, her fingers deftly unbuttoning his jeans and sliding inside. “Something like this.” He groaned and captured her lips in a kiss as his cock pulsed in her palm. His hands lifted her tank top, gliding along the contours of her waist and the curve of her breasts, thumbs teasing her nipples through the lace of her bra.
“Mmm, I can’t wait. Foreplay later, I’ve wanted you inside me the whole drive.” Tommy twisted so her back was against his chest, and their eyes met in the mirror. Grinding her ass against his pelvis, she reached back and slid her tights down her thighs just far enough to allow him access. He palmed the cheeks of her ass with his hands and let out a slow exhale before grinning at her in the mirror.

“Has anyone ever told you how magnificent you are?”

“Yeah, just now, and I liked it. However, I’m going to need you to stop your grinnin’, and drop your linen.” His laughter was cut short by a sudden frantic knock on the door. Tommy’s head slumped a moment and then she looked over at the door, thankful she’d thought to lock it.

“Oh my fu…Occupied!”

“Please Tommy, I really need to use the bathroom.”

“Honestly Nathan? You’re not even close to someone I like right now, and your timing is seriously the worst.” Kirk looked at her with a question, she rolled her eyes and whispered, ‘later.’ He nodded and returned to kneading her ass with his hands. She moaned and pushed back against him. Nathan knocked again.

“Ok, now you’re pissing me off. Go outside and wave your dick in the wind as god intended.”

“It’s…um…I need to… Please Tommy.” There was a desperate edge to his voice, and Tommy sighed then hiked up her tights. She whirled and kissed Kirk hard on the mouth while sliding her palm along the length of his incredibly hard cock.

“I hope you can walk with this, because a relocation is apparently necessary. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s alright, as hot as this would have been, I’m not dismayed to have you ravish me somewhere other than a public toilet.”

“Oof, how did I end up with such a classy, romantic guy like you? Did you have somewhere in mind?”

“Well, all that talk about a dick waving in the wind like god intended got me thinking…”

The group at the table looked up as the bathroom door slammed open and then closed again. Tommy headed for the door of the cafe, her hand gripping Kirk’s tightly as she half walked, half dragged him behind her.

“I’m taking Kirk to see the…um…the…”

“Sights. From what I’ve already glimpsed, they’re magnificent.” Tommy smirked but didn’t stop, and the door of the restaurant closed after them.

Cassandra shook her head with a small smile and looked up to see it reflected on Herb’s face. It struck her that it was the first time she’d seen a genuine smile, instead of a pasted on customer service expression.

“Well,” he said, moving toward the small deli case containing a couple of pies. “Since it seems as though you’ll be staying at least a few minutes longer, can I offer you some dessert?”