Moving across country, it’s really easy to forget that there are people who live in all these tiny towns one passes through. Saying, I’m in the middle of nowhere is all fine and dandy, but it’s the middle of somewhere, to someone.

Ask any young person who lives in one of these places, ‘what goes on here?’ The answer will likely be ‘nothing’, with a certain resignation. But ask anyone beyond the first flush of experience what goes on here. They will inevitable answer, “Life.” Maybe not exactly like that. But this is where they live, where they breed and raise their progeny, where they smile in the sunshine, frown in the rain, or vice versa.

It’s very easy to have  a callous attitude towards someplace one personally dubs as ‘I got pregnant out of high school and am now trapped in’ (insert province/state/town here). But that doesn’t make any less someone’s home. A place that someone feels a sense of community, a sense of joy.

It doesn’t hurt to have something giant for people to come and look at though. Or a catchy town phrase. Such as Swift Current- where life makes sense. Maybe not to me, but I’m sure to someone. Mind you, I think any place that calls itself swift current should have some kind of swell, and there’s not a lot of inland surfing going on. Perhaps that needs to change. River madness! I’d consider living inland if there was a town called river madness…

Wild horse creek comes closest so far.

Is it terribly obvious that I spent entirely too much time driving today? Coupled with the fact that my only conversation was with a stuffed husky dog? We did argue through most of Saskatchewan why Quebec shouldn’t separate. I was against, he was for, his only argument being, Je suis tres mignon!

He almost won.
Bon soir darlings.