I’ll end a long day with some short and sweetness. The exercise bandwagon is still rockin the socks off any kind of misgivings to that end. Not only a session before work, but after as well! At the point where muscles are being sundered and reforming themselves as stronger, better, after only 2 days! Nothing too pushy though. The piano activity suffered a bit as a result methinks. I sat down for about an hour, but it wasn’t terribly satisfying. I was clumsy and inarticulate all over those keys, which frustrates me, which makes me want to walk away. I’ve always given in to that, if the feeling isn’t there, I shouldn’t be playing. So sticking to it in the face of extreme awkwardness is a challenge, which I met, but it felt a bit like lip service.

It’s kind of too bad because I imagine once I start to get my stride, I’ll bail for the sunny climes of Costa Rica and the odds that I’ll be doing much piano playing while there are pretty slim. I have a feeling the activity end of things will prove sustainable, as there isn’t a whole lot of standing still on a surfboard. Given that it’s on the ocean and not just the beach.

I’m so beat right now and as much as I want to be witty enough to make this interesting, it’s just not the day for that. There’s always tomorrow. The most exciting thing I can offer up is that I’m nearly finished the scarf I’ve been (very) slowly knitting all winter long! I had thought it wouldn’t be finished until it was superfluous, but it could see some use this winter! Huzzah and goodnight.