Every so often I am lucky enough to encounter a musician I feel like listening to whenever I feel like listening to music.

There are some artists that I absolutely adore but I’m not always in the mood to hear. They are right time, right place, right on musicians.
But then there are those that I love and if someone, including myself, plays them, I think, “Oh. Of course. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” I call them good times, any time musicians. This list of peoples in this category is much smaller but those artists in it definitely occupy a place deep in my heart.

One of the peoples in this category is Hannah Epperson. I met her when she came to Ymir…was it the first Tiny Lights? A show at the schoolhouse? It really doesn’t matter.
From the moment she took the stage bare foot (in company with some great talents such as Isadora Duncan and Cesaria Evora, not to mention me..though I’m not in the same league of exemplary performers such as these ladies…yet) and began to play her violin, I was transfixed. Delighted. Enamoured, enchanted, uplifted, giddy. Countless other adjectives that describe feelings of happiness.

Her music reminds me that sanity exists. It’s just fucking lovely. If you get a chance to see her, do so. She is a lovely, hilarious and awesome human who creates gorgeous music.

Here is some for you. Because you deserve beauty in your life all the time.


Thanks Hannah.