Thus far, I’ve published two books. One, The Mechanics of Dreaming is a book of poetry made possible by a grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Association, the CKCA. It’s a slim volume with a few copies still left from the second printing, but also available digitally via various sites.

Tales from the Busmeat Cafe Volume One: The Secret in the Sauce started as a series of writing prompts based on various horror movies. After a few evenings of collaborative brainstorming about characters, plot and story structure, it grew into the bare bones of the novella accessible exclusively via ebook at present. The sequel is already being written.


Poetry and utterances in delicious juxtaposition with paint, paper, sometimes framed.

I Love You Because it’s Tuesday

A very special correspondence project


A way to check in, mainly through the medium of Tarot Cards, the possibilities are endless.