Growing up, my sister and I were fortunate to have a pretty cool mum. There were all sorts of ways that she showed us she loved us, but my favourite has to be the random cards we would get in the mail from her.
She could have easily written I love you in a card and handed it to us across the breakfast table, but she took the time to write a note, put it in an envelope, attach a stamp and drop it into a mailbox.

It’s a lovely feeling to get a letter or a card, to know that someone is thinking of you. Not because it’s your birthday, or because it’s an anniversary or a holiday when cards come flooding in.

Just because they care about you.

Just because they were thinking of you.

Just because it’s Tuesday.

At this point, I have shown a tendency to randomly send a card, or a short note, or a postcard to people when I think about them because it gives me joy to do so. I think there is room for more in my address book.

I had considered doing some sort of patron style tier thing, where 5 bucks gets you a postcard, 10 a card, 20 a letter and 30 a poem that no one else has ever read, along with whatever weird thing I can fit in the envelope. But it seems like it would be a strange thing to monetize, that sort of giggly delight that accompanies an unexpected missive in the mail. And much of the joy comes from the surprise. I feel like this is the first inklings of a really lovely project, but I’ve not quite worked out all the whys and wherefores. Give it time. We’ll figure it out.