So, ecstacy over here. I don’t give a damn that it snowed last night, it’s so obviously spring. Whatever winter, have your last kick at the can, there’s nothing you can do at this point. It’s happening. I’ve seen pussywillows. Colour me full of yeehaw and stuff.

This blog has turned into a bit of a reminder of how much I don’t write these days and it’s starting to mess up my head a bit.  The intention is there, as per usual, but along with the as per usual thing, comes the seeming lack of discipline. I end up in a head place where I’m convinced that maybe I don’t have what it takes to continue and then I go back to read previous postings, coming away with a sense of how awesome I can be in moments. I want those moments to stretch out, to encompass the all, rather than the seldom. I suppose that’s the case with most everyone though. Pockets of awesome wrapped in too tight jeans of mediocre. Or at least comfy pants of mostly good.

On a happy writer note, for my birthday my sis paid for a travel writer’s course that I’ve been eyeing up  for quite a while. What could be better than being committed to writing and travelling???  Getting paid to do both!

Speaking of getting paid, I’m actually at work right now…there’s that everyday existence thing getting in the way again…or at least enabling the away from the everyday….back to it!