I would love to say that Berlin held me in thrall because of the architecture, the culture, the vibrancy, the music, nightlife. And all of those things were grand.

But some things are better.

Summer lovinLike being barefoot in fountains on a beautiful day with someone who is many levels of supercool. That tends to give one pause, with regard to the notion of leaving town any time soon…

But left I have, on my way to Paris once more to hang with members of the Canadian contingency. Which will grow in number the closer it gets to June 24, as I have finally booked my flight! And so I will not only get to hang on the beach, I will have almost 3 more weeks to run amok in Europe before that happens. Where will those 3 weeks be spent?

I hear Berlin is lovely this time of year.

I hear that, it’s actually been quite chilly and thunderstormy and typical april weather there. So perhaps a sojourn to Italy. I feel I should at least get one of the I countries that was on my list. Maybe Ireland. Maybe Belgium. They have good beer. And Bruges. And I hear it’s a f#@king fairy tale.

In some ways this lacksadaisacal approach to running amok through Europe is quite free, makes unasked for adventure and excitement a reality on a daily basis. But on the downside..

Oh, wait. There isn’t one. Ha!