I don’t recall dreaming of sky, but I suppose I must have –
My surroundings vast,
leaving me buffeted by space.

There’s too much and I need to be larger,
take up room or there won’t be enough of me to stand out.

Ignore the noise
Ignore the noise
Pay no attention to that which drags my eye
like dead weight drifting to the bottom,
it waits to choke me
wrap me in weeds and keep me from surfacing.
Ironically superficial, these useless depths.

Attend the birds
Attend the bunnies
Attend the burrowing things.
They abide,
they don’t ‘just make do’
They do.

Attend the trees,
they crawl and stretch
they drink deep
and breathe deeper.
They play catch with the moon,
dusting her with seeds and basking in her light
as silhouettes,
even when she is dark.

I am the sweet lady of my dreams,
I am as the sky
Expansive and rich with destination,
I am the promise of future
And just a little black raincloud,
Fooling no one.