Cocksure will only get you so far. Optimistic a little further. But if the mojo’s not there, you’re kinda screwed from the get go. Hitchhiking Denmark was a breeze. Left Thomas’ place by 9 am (brilliant hospitality by the way, there is nothing I could say that could express how insanely awesome and cool he is so I won’t try here) and was on the motorway heading south by just after 10. 

Ride within seconds to a sweet spot. Ride within seconds to another sweet spot. Lots of these hop skip rides, but Denmark is small. From Koge to Gedser in 2 hours or so. Only one not so good ride, very short from slightly creepy dude, but once I told him my boyfriend was waiting for me up ahead, he backed off and dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. Which was great! Because then I was picked up by Jans. I think that’s how you’d spell his name. Every so often you come across people who are just genuine and awesome and Jans is one of these. Would like to travel, but realizes that raising his family is the priority of the moment. We talked of his wife, his children and I couldn’t help but feel envy for this type of life it’s entirely probable I will never know. I like my life, I’m very happy, but one can’t help but wonder. Especially when one discovers men like this in the world. He took me to the southernmost part of Denmark and then brought me back into Gedser proper so I could catch the ferry to Germany. 

This is where I started to mess up  a bit. There was a bus at the terminal that went  straight to Berlin, but I was riding high on my successful excursion so far and everyone says how amazing it it to hitch in germany…

It’s great that everyone stops, but if they aren’t going the right way, it’s useless. 

But who cares, why dwell? I’m here now with a supercool couchsurfing host and we’re going to wander about the city because it’s beautiful out and I’m in Berlin! Whoop! Here we go….