Funny how the moment I decide to go somewhere, start to get my brain into actual travel mode, rather than think of travel mode, the frst things I start to do are upload all of the pictures I never did from the last trip. I guess it’s a house cleaning of sorts, if I post all the old pictures, I’ll have space for the new ones? Hard to say. I do know that I’ve spent way too much time on this thing today, looking at sites about Costa Rica (surf schools, surf shops, house rentals, car rentals, maps, travel tips, spanish lessons, currency conversion, electric outlet similarities, eco tours, cloud forests, monkeys, spiders, volcanoes, et al..) and so I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing tonight. I believe there to be a french gangster movie I haven’t seen in my future. Perhaps this will be the one with a happy ending I’ve been so hopeful of finding.

The morning started off with Green Ginger tea (subtle aftertaste of pear inclusive) but no manuka honey necessary. And it was a Deerhunter kind of morning.  I have no idea why I feel compelled to consistently catalogue my varying tea and musical choices each day, but it seems appropriate somehow.

Ginger lemon tea and quai des orfevres await! I don’t want to disappoint them. A la prochaine, mes amis.