Though I do have two turntables, I’ve misplaced the microphone my mom gave me. I wish I knew where it was. It could be that when I get all of my things in the same place, it will turn up (secretly I don’t think it will, I haven’t seen it since the very first girl band jam at the fishbowl house on Wesco) because I am finally in a position to get all of my things in one place.

This is about the best news ever, lately. I haven’t had an official address since June of 2012 and I’ve been a long time manifesting this one. I started dreaming about a cabin in the woods where my self, dogfriend, piano and books could live and feel joyful 2 Novembers ago. Funnily enough, pretty specifically where I found this one. It doesn’t have all of the things I asked for, but it has enough of them for me to feel good about it. Besides, everything I’d like to be there that isn’t can easily feel accessible with three simple letters. It doesn’t have a rope swing, yet. It doesn’t have a wood stove, yet. It doesn’t have a window seat, yet.
It does have a bright bedroom, a large kitchen, a clawfoot bathtub, a window perfect for a piano to sit in front of and over look the lake. IT HAS A LAKE!!!
It’s called petri lake. I have already been called petri-trish and I don’t even live there, yet. I would imagine that if a petri dish is used for microbiology, then a preti-trish would be more attuned to macrobiology. Slight sadness, I can’t go swimming in it, but there is a swimming lake not too far away.

It’s a lovely little lake, it looks like this.

Petri LakeThe no trespassing sign does not apply to me, obviously.
The lovely little cabin looks like this

little blue houseIt’s the blue one. Yes, it’s pretty close to the green one, but still quite private. I promise I will post better pictures when I pick up the keys and go out there with the first load of things. And then you are invited for tea.
There is also a creek CreekA cute front porch where I will have cute barbeques (once I find a better place for the garbage cans) DSC_1000A long driveway

DSC_1001And if you have a 4×4 (which I do) you can take a drive to the very end of the road (which I did) to Sarah Point (which is an insane road and while it’s only about 15 km, it took me at least 40 minutes, very reminiscent of another coastal rough road/smooth people scenario, with a few more ups and downs though) and be fortunate enough to have a view such as this 

DSC_1006Which is where the sunshine coast trail either starts or finishes, depending on which way you are facing.

DSC_1004(It’s just to the right of that tree.)

So here I am, landed at the edge of the world. A little place for myself, my dog friend, my piano and my books to live quietly and joyfully, invoking the spirits of hobbits, Henry David Thoreau, faeries, the stars, and a moonlight sonata so sweet and delightful I’ll probably cry myself to sleep with joy on a regular basis.

Oh and then, after I had found this lovely little place to live, I went to the Patricia theatre and spent 2 hours noodling around on this



The sheet music you can’t quite make out is a song I’ve long wanted to and am finally learning, having very recently acquired the sheet music.  It sounds amazing on a grand piano in an old movie theatre, then again, what wouldn’t sound amazing on this piano, in this place?

Yep, where it’s at (it being me) is pretty incredible right this second and as far as I can tell, for many many seconds to come. I can’t wait to have you over for tea.