I am the whispery
soft sigh of satisfaction under a blue sky,
mind’s eye soaring high
above myself.

I am the leaf on this wind,
and that one,
eddies and currents carry me far from home
and teach me what bliss there can be
in letting go.

I am cozy comforter,
pulled up to chin,
tucked in and wrapped tight
with plenty of space to breathe.

I am cup of tea,
the cooling breeze blown across its surface
and the tongue that tastes.

I am coincidence and synchronicity
dancing a tango in perfect step.
Coincidence leads,
but synchronicity adds the flair.

I am a dog barking at snow,
delighted by it’s brightness,
finding tones to match.

I am the puddle before,
and after the jump.

I am the smile that cracks
but doesn’t completely break open
for fear of all the secrets spilling forth
and making an
invisible whispered mess.

I am all that
then some
and more.

I am the fear,
afraid to write herself into the poem she’s writing
as she’s writing it
though I’m already there
And always was.