Who knew that it would be here that I would fall short of my intended goal? Of course, it’s really not necessary that I write here every day to ensure that I stick with my 14 day experiment, which I have been doing. As difficult as it is to inspire myself to exercise when I don’t feel like it, it’s even more so to play the piano, and more again to write something here. When I’m not inspired to exercise, I can change it up a bit, find a different song on the mp3 player, fantasize about how quickly I’ll learn to surf being more fit than when I started. With the piano I can do my best to channel other musicians, pretend I’m giving a concert for the king of austria, change songs, mess about with nonsensical musical ideas. But drawing inspiration from my own brain at the end of a day that already felt long before I decided I must compose something witty and delightful to fill this space? I admit that a good portion of the time, having a space to pour myself into is great, but some days, I have nothing to say. At least, not when I sit down and attempt to say it. I think of all kinds of fantastic things ove the course of the day, it’s a good argument for carrying a pen and paper constantly. Perhaps tomorrow something divine will carry over into the evening and I’ll wow everyone who reads this with my intellectual prowess…who knows?