I don’t remember when I started writing, but it was shortly before I started working as an editor..

The written word is something that I find great solace in, as I recognize the power it has
to move, shape, and connect us.

Finding the time to spend on conveying important details
is a challenge when the focus needs to be on other parts of your business.
The best way to be successful is to engage a team of people who are all working toward the same end goal.

I offer a variety of editing, proofing, and polishing services.

If you have a site whose message needs clarity, or copy that could use an update,
I can help.
I’ve worked on manuscripts, website copy, transcriptions.

Why am I so good?
I’m as tenacious as a limpet on a rock, and I won’t quit until everything is shiny

Are you an Artist in need of a Bio?

There is an inherent quality in many humans where they find themselves at a loss to describe who they are and what they do.
That’s where I come in.

A well told story transcends language, carries feeling, and resonates in a way that can be difficult to express unless you’re a kick-ass writer, or know one.

Sometimes, it’s not what you know, but who.

Why spend time on the parts of the whole that don’t excite you?
That’s why god created outsourcing.